Current research on supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2) oxy-combustion is lacking studies on the performance of kinetic models. An optimized 13 species kinetic model is proposed in the present work for CH4/O2/CO2 oxy-combustion. This 13 species kinetic model is developed based on the detailed USC Mech II mechanism with the Global Pathway Selection algorithm, and then optimized with a genetic algorithm covering conditions of pressure from 150 atm to 300 atm, temperature from 900 K to 1800 K and equivalence ratio from 0.7 to 1.3. The autoignition of 13 species kinetic model presents less than 12% error relative to that of the USC Mech II. The performance of the proposed kinetic model is evaluated using a generic jet in crossflow combustor. Simulations at identical conditions are conducted in ANSYS Fluent for both the 13 species model and a global 5 species model. Results were then compared to evaluate the sensitivity of these two kinetic models to the CFD simulations. The results show a better mixing between the fuel and the oxygen, a longer autoignition delay and a more reasonable temperature distribution using the 13 species kinetic model. It is indicating the importance of choice on kinetic models in numerical simulation.

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