At present, the research on a gear having special tooth profile a using CNC hobbing machine have been making progress. However, the method of tooth cutting with using CNC hobbing machine is not used the full for an inherent ability of itself.

From the aforementioned view point, we have tried to test cut a face gear which is used an inherent latent ability of the CNC hobbing machine.

The unipurpose device has been manufactured for the purpose of improving aforementioned defects of conventional tooth cutting method. Then we have used a fly tool instead of an unipurpose hob cutter.

In general, a helicon gear has been cut by unipurpose hob cutter, giving vertical feed with using general type hobbing machine.

In this way, not only the tooth roughness decreases, but also processing time increases for the tooth cutting because the size of cut has to be made very small due to heavy cutting resistance.

In our research, the unipurpose device is attached to the CNC hobbing machine. Then a fly tool already located on the final point of full depth, translates along the tangential direction of the gear from an appointed position in the radial direction.

In this way, we can expect the cutting resistance to be reduced during manufacture. Also the tooth roughness will be improved.

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