Recently, we have often the opportunity to shop for something on the computer display connected to the Internet. However, it is often said that the product arrived at the home is something different from it presented on the computer display. We have studied into the differences between the shape evaluation in virtual space and in real space. And it is indicated that the shape evaluation in virtual space is slightly difference from it in real space, especially, in case of evaluation of product which has the complex contour [1]. In this research, we are focusing on the complexity of contour. The complexity is defined by mathematical methods, for example, Hurst exponent in fractal geometry. In this paper, we have proposed the algorithm which makes the curve lines based on the Hurst exponent. And using these curve lines made by proposed method, we have confirmed that the mathematical complexity is equal to the complexity which people feel by sensory evaluation. The result shows that Hurst exponent almost can show the complexity which people feel, however, it is difficult in case of the cyclic curves.

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