Technology has profoundly changed the manner with which we perform our most basic functions. The innovation of the Internet and other communication media have allowed us to communicate, conduct business, and buy and sell without ever having to leave home. Education has been affected in the same way, as those that would seek to obtain a degree or certification can do so in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to having to commute to a college campus to do so. This paper will discuss how elements of Quality Function Deployment have been used to facilitate a partnership between a traditional university located in western Arkansas and various community colleges in the eastern Arkansas Delta Region. The students in this region are non-traditional, place-bound individuals without access to higher education opportunities, but at the same time, in need of these opportunities to advance in the workplace. This paper will discuss how a university some three hundred miles away is able to deliver a baccalaureate degree to individuals who will most likely never see the college campus. The impact of the initiative as well as particular hurdles and lessons learned thus far will be shared.

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