Recent researches have demonstrated that cells ingest mitochondrial by endocytosis to repair cell damage. This new mitochondrial therapy approach can be used for curing particular disease of neuropathy related diseases. Hence the obtainment of high quality and healthy mitochondria play an important role in mitochondrial based disease therapy. In this study, we propose a cascade microfluidic device for green extraction of healthy mitochondria. The geometry of the device was designed using the commercially available COMSOL package. Soft lithography process was than conducted to realize the device of PDMS. We used C2-GFP cells to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed cascade microfluidic device. The total protein assay kit (complex I-V) was conducted to examine the extractive protein and the SDS page (Tom 20) was used for measuring the activity of the extracted mitochondria. Experimental results illustrate that the complex I-V expression of the extracted mitochondria by the proposed device is much higher than that of the extracted mitochondria by conventional kit. Furthermore, the results of the Tom 20 expression also demonstrate that our device is able to extract more amounts of mitochondria than the conventional kit.

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