This paper covers a method of taking images of physical parts which are then preprocessed and compared against CAD generated templates. A pseudo milling operation was performed on discretized points along CAD generated mill paths to create binary image templates. The computer-generated images were then tested against one another as a preliminarily sorting technique. This was done to reduce the number of sorting approaches used, by selecting the most reliable and discerning ones, and discarding the others. To apply the selected sorting methods for comparing CAD generated images and the images of physical parts, a translational and scaling normalization technique was implemented. Rotational variation occurs while scanning physical parts and it was addressed using two different techniques: first by determination of best rotation based on modified-Hausdorff distance (MHD); and second by comparing against all CAD based images for all template rotations. The proposed approach for automated sorting of physical parts was demonstrated by categorizing multiple geometries.

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