To convert induced surface stress of a bio-functionalized microcantilever into an electrical signal; U shaped piezoresistive detection technique is mostly preferred over other techniques due to its several advantages. But the inherent disadvantage of this technique is thermal stress sensitivity as a source of noise which reduces its signal to noise ratio [SNR]. Polymer microcantilever has larger stress sensitivity due to its low youngs modulus of elasticity. Varying thickness cantilever satisfy this desired criteria as compared to other configurations of cantilever and has high resonance frequency. Taking all these aspects into consideration, the objectives of proposed study is to design and simulate multilayer varying thickness microcantilever. The numerical analysis is performed using CoventorWare a commercial MEMS design and FEM Multiphysics tool. It is observed that the SNR of the varying thickness microcantilevers design is improved by more than 70%, over normal rectangular design.

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