The RELAP5/MOD3.2.2 Gamma code was assessed against low pressure boiling flow experiments performed by Zeitoun and Shoukri (1997) in a vertical annulus. The predictions of subcooled boiling bubbly flow showed that the present version of the RELAP5 code underestimates the void fraction increase along the flow and strongly overestimates the vapor drift velocity. It is shown that in the calculations, a higher vapor drift velocity causes a lower interphase drag and may be a possible reason for underpredicted void fraction development. A modification is proposed, which introduces the replacement of the EPRI drift-flux formulation, which is currently incorporated in the RELAP5 code, with the Zuber-Findlay (1965) drift-flux model for the experimental low pressure conditions of the vertical bubbly flow regime. The improved experiment predictions with the modified RELAP5 code are presented and analysed.

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