This paper focuses on the development and validation of a pseudo-spectral numerical scheme, based on a variational formulation, for the solution of the three-dimensional, time-dependent governing equations in wall bounded forced and natural convective flows. One of the novel aspects of this numerical scheme is the use of rescaled Legendre-Lagrangian interpolants to represent the velocity and temperature in the vertical direction. These interpolants were obtained by dividing the Legendre Lagrangian interpolants of same order by the square root of the corresponding weight used for Gauss-Lobatto quadrature. By rescaling the interpolants in such a manner, the mass matrix resulting from the variational formulation becomes the identity matrix, thus simplifying the numerical algorithm. Two specific problems have been investigated as part of the validation process: Steady and unsteady channel flow driven by an external streamwise oscillating pressure gradient and Rayleigh Be´nard convection. In all cases, comparison with exact solutions and published results yield excellent agreement.

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