The Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) testing complex includes more than 50 wind tunnels, test cells, arc heaters, and other specialized test facilities. Of these, 27 units have capabilities that are unmatched in the United States, and 14 are unmatched in the world. These unique facilities pose equally unique testing challenges, including several related to test preparation. A dynamic strain measurement system is being developed for turbine engine ground testing applications. The system is being developed to be compatible with the IEEE-1451 Smart Transducer Interface Standard in order to enable “plug and play” test set up. This will help to minimize the time between the test article installation and completion of test preparations. It will also help to minimize “manual” record keeping associated with testing. The system will also utilize the IEEE-1588 precision time protocol to maintain sampling synchronization. This paper discusses the development of the system consisting of the Smart Transducer Interface Modules (STIMs), the network interfaces (NCAPs), and the system server for control and data storage. It also discusses initial testing and evaluation of the system.

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