Drill pipe is used in well drilling in oil field. Under the force of tubular columns and pressure of drilling fluids, the drill pipe usually fails in long-term service, which consequently leads to accidents, such as drill pipe twisting off, and causes stagnation of production. So it’s especially necessary to detect defects in drill pipe in time. Traditional nondestructive testing methods, for example, magnetic flux leakage, eddy current and ultrasound, can only detect already formed defects. They do not help detect and evaluate stress concentration zones, which tends to develop into defects. Magnetic memory testing technology is a newly developed nondestructive testing technology. Under the exciting of the magnetic field of the earth, the magnetic status will change in stress concentration zones of ferromagnetic material. Location and study of the stress concentration zones will forecast the defects of ferromagnetic material. Magnetic memory testing system used on defect detection for drill pipe is developed based on this technology. Composition and function of the system is introduced, and application effect is shown. This system will play important part in detection and evaluation for drill pipe in oil field.

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