Within the framework of European project STYLE (Structural integrity for lifetime management), fracture tests on two large scale pipes containing a through wall crack have been performed. Two Mock-ups have been tested: MU1 is a narrow gap Inconel Dissimilar Metals, provided and designed by AREVA France, and MU2 is a an austenitic steel butt-weld with a thermally aged weld repair austenitic weld, provided by EDF British Energy.

The four-points bending tests were carried out by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), in order to study the mechanical properties and integrity of component such as welding pipes. A through wall crack was machined in the both pipes. After a fatigue pre-cracking step carried out at RT, the monotonic fracture test was performed (at 300°C on MU1). Optical camera and Electrical Potential Drop Method have allowed following the crack growth during fatigue and final fracture stages. The observations made post-mortem showed ductile tearing of a few millimeters in those pipes.

The first part of this paper is devoted to the four-points bending tests. The second part of this paper deals with first numerical analysis related to the Mock-up-1. Previous results concerning the mechanical characterizations of the constitutive materials are discussed. Fracture mechanics small scale specimens are interpreted using FE Analysis to obtain the fracture parameters used in global approaches. First computation is shown on the Mock-up-1 in order to predict the behavior of the large scale test mechanical and fracture behavior.

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