In order to optimize the control strategy of the electric vehicle active voice (ASG) system and improve the authenticity of the simulation sound. This paper presents a sound control method for vehicle simulation based on harmonic algorithm. In this paper, based on the harmonic algorithm, starting from the virtual rotation rate (rpm) input by ASG system, according to the data collected from the actual internal combustion engine car, design control strategy and add shift point in the system. Determine the actual rotation rate of internal combustion engine car and the shift point of throttle opening, and through the python simulation curve. In this paper, using the offset proportional series algorithm to calculate the gear transmission ratio and optimize and simulate it. Since there is no shift or rotation rate mutation in electric vehicle, using quadratic function fitting to optimize the virtual rotation rate. Complete the “virtual rotation rate” transformation of ASG system based on real-time rotation rate of electric vehicle. Finally, the whole optimization system takes the “virtual rotation rate” of the real-time rotation rate of the actual electric vehicle as the input, and takes stm32f7 Series MCU as the hardware carrier. Organize engineers and students with sound quality experience to evaluate the simulated sound quality of internal combustion engine car. The results show that the control strategy proposed in this paper can realize the sound simulation of internal combustion engine car in the electric vehicle cab, and the optimized ASG system can better meet the majority of drivers’ preference for sound than the original ASG system.

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