The microstructure of high grade pipeline steels, including X65, X70, X80, X100, were studied by SEM and EBSD, respectively. It was found that the microstructures of high grade pipeline steels were composed of lower bainite, granular bainite and acicular ferrite. The phases of kinds of pipeline steels were composed of Fe3C, retained austenite and ferrite. And their percentage content, grain size and its distribution were studied respectively also. These micro structural parameters were correlated to the mechanical properties of kinds of pipeline steels. Furthermore, all kinds of angles of grain boundaries were studied, and the relationship between the angles of grain boundaries and mechanical properties was obtained. It was shown that as the improving of the steel grade, the grain boundary including small angle and large angle increased. And only when grain boundary was greater than 15 degree, it was effective to the toughness behavior.

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