Cities are experiencing a number of negative effects caused by increasing urbanization. For decades, the effects of pollution have been recognized and studied and steps have been taken attempting to control this problem. Many urban environments are also experiencing the effect of the Urban Heat Island (UHI). UHIs are metropolitan areas that have measurably warmer average air temperatures during several periods during the year, than their surrounding rural areas. There is a great interest in studying UHI and pollution and its effects on the environment as well as urban residents. However, in order to study these phenomena, we need more information than we currently have. Thus, an IoT based low cost sensor network can be used to collect the data necessary to study UHI and pollution. There are several key challenges associated with an IoT based solution to environmental data monitoring. This study explores these challenges by looking at what effect the packaging has on the deployed environmental sensors, and how and where to deploy sensor modules. Sensor data collected over a few months’ timeframe are analyzed and presented.

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