The substructure for offshore wind turbines is strongly influenced by the effect of wave forces as the size of substructure increases. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the wave force acting on substructures. In the present study the hybrid substructure, which is composed of a multi-cylinder having different radius near free surface and a gravity substructure at the bottom of multi-cylinder, is suggested to reduce the wave forces. The fluid domain is divided into two regions to calculate the wave forces acting on the hybrid substructure with multi-cylinder and the scattering wave in each fluid region is expressed by an Eigen-function expansion method. The comparison between the mono pile and the hybrid substructure is made for wave forces. Using the wave forces obtained from this study, the structural analysis of hybrid substructure is carried out through ANSYS mechanical. In order to investigate the resonance between the wind turbine and the hybrid substructure, the modal analysis is also carried out.

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