Oil exploration in the pre-salt, mainly in the SANTOS BASIN, has increased significantly and as results increasing the number of thousands of people commute to offshore platforms in Brazil is inevitable. The presence of a remote terminal, the so-called HUB, adjacent to the platforms, not only reduces the shipment costs, but also increases the speed of commuting. The present work addresses the feasibility of utilizing a ship shape hull as an alternative logistic HUB. The present work analyzes the hull as a rigid body receiving mostly transversal waves and operating as a floating breakwater in deep water with a central turret. The crew boat is a HSV, which will also be included in the investigation. As a continuation of the previous study of the author in 2015, the relative vertical motion between two bodies is analyzed in (four) different configurations and angles of incoming waves by the panel method code in frequency domain. Finally, having in mind operation limits and criterion, operation probabilities are evaluated. Four configurations are considered to be analyzed numerically on the relative vertical motion between two bodies in different Configurations and different angles of incoming waves by a panel method code for frequency domain. Finally, operation probabilities are studied according to the operation limits and criterion.

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