Maneuvering in waves is a complex and critical issue that confuses researchers for the last several decades. Among the existing methods for predicting the maneuverability in waves, the widely-used mathematical model approach (MMG model) is considered to be efficient and accurate in large wavelength and small wave steepness conditions. However, based on the assumption that the maneuvering forces in waves are the same as those in calm water, the wave effect on the hydrodynamic derivatives is neglected in most mathematical model approaches. According to the previous theoretical analysis and experimental data, this assumption is flawed. Therefore, several experiments and some numerical simulations have conducted to research the wave effect on hydrodynamic derivatives. In the present study, oblique towing tests and pure yaw tests will be simulated using the state-of-the-art CFD techniques to obtain the linear hydrodynamic derivatives in waves. The simulation cases in the present study are set according to previous PMM tests of S175 containership in surf-riding conditions. And the simulation results are in good agreement with experimental ones. Based on that, the wave effect on hydrodynamic derivatives is obtained and some discussions are made. Finally, the course stability of the containership on the different relative position of the wave are calculated to analyze the preliminary reason for the broaching-to phenomenon.

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