Detailed 2-axis hot-wire anemometry measurements were conducted around a scale Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) model within an atmospheric boundary layer wind-tunnel. The measurements were taken for the “standard” flow field, as well as the effects of using partial wind screens and louvers as mitigation measures. This provides a representation of the complex 2-D flow field present underneath an operating ACC when subjected to various speed cross winds.

Optimal ACC operation is achieved when all fans generate a uniform flow pattern into the plenum chamber of the ACC, and this is dependent on the speed and direction of the air at the inlet. The wind-tunnel measurements support the assertion that wind screens reduce the horizontal wind speed directly downstream; however, this comes with a marked increase in turbulence. The results suggest a wind-screen covering a smaller portion (6% tested) of the ACC inlet may be more beneficial than the more common 50% coverage.

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