Tungsten strengthened ferritic steels, 2.25Cr-1.6W-V-Nb and 12Cr-0.4Mo-2W-V-Nb-Cu have been developed and approved by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code Committee for use in Section I construction, designated as T23 and T122 respectively. A field exposure test installing both steel tubes in service along with comparative materials in the tertiary superheater and secondary reheater of a 156MW utility power boiler has been conducted since April 1993. The tubes were removed to confirm their material properties and corrosion/steam oxidation behaviors after one-year, 3-year, 6-year and 10-year periods of service. The tensile and creep rupture strengths of both steels showed no remarkable change during service. Examination of steam oxidation scale on the inner surface of the tubes indicated that the scale growth rate of T122 was extremely small following one-year service. The growth rate and morphology of steam oxidation scale is discussed, as compared with conventional materials.

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