Improved knowledge of creep and fatigue interactions is necessary today more than ever as power-generating plants are exposed to cyclic operation. Understanding factors that impact damage initiation and propagation, as well as technologies to predict accumulation of damage in systems and components are required. This paper summarizes the primary results of an International Expert Workshop on Creep-Fatigue Damage Interaction that was held in Amsterdam in July 2006. The purpose of the Expert Workshop was to bring together key industry experts from around the world to do the following: • Assess and document current creep-fatigue test methods; • Evaluate analytical methodologies with respect to crack initiation and growth; • Discuss life prediction methodologies for different applications; • Assess deficiencies that exist in the area of creep-fatigue damage; • Identify future research and development requirements. The International Expert Workshop resulted in 16 action items which are delineated in this paper. Updates will be provided on progress made to date toward addressing these 16 items.

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