Evaluation of creep-fatigue damage has been carried out for the HGD (hot gas duct) structure in the NHDD (Nuclear Hydrogen Development and Demonstration) plant. The core outlet and inlet temperature of the NHDD plant are 950°C and 490°C, respectively. Case studies on high temperature design codes of the draft Code Case for Alloy 617, ASME-NH and RCC-MR were carried out for the inner tube of the HGD for the candidate materials of Alloy 617 and Alloy 800H. Technical issues in application of the draft Code Case to a high temperature structure are discussed for Alloy 617 material. Code comparison between the ASME-NH and RCC-MR for Alloy 800H has been carried out. The candidate material of the outer pressure boundary (cross vessel) of the HGD is Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel. The damage evaluation according to the ASME-NH and RCC-MR for the cross vessel of Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel has been conducted and their results were compared.

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