In recent years, the three-dimensional virtual plant is introduced in the development of plant management system for visually enhanced plant management. A VR (Virtual Reality) based integrity assessment system has been proposed for the nuclear power plant. Consequently, a web-based monitoring system has been developed on the basis of virtual plant by combining graphic visibility with safety margin calculations. However, previous researches were mostly focused on the safety maintenance of nuclear power plants, and did not consider the design stage. This paper proposes a system for the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant management covering from design stage via construction to the maintenance stage. The management system proposed in this paper includes a virtual plant to enable design review in the design stage, the EDB (Engineering DataBase) which manages the engineering data produced in the design stage and a web based aging monitoring system which can be used in the maintenance stage. The proposed system runs on the Internet on the basis of 3-D graphics system and it is expected to be used for more efficient and reliable LNG plant management.

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