In mechanical design safety assessment of packages for the transport of radioactive material the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulations [1, 2] require the use of one of four methods of demonstration of compliance with regulations: tests with prototypes, reference to previous satisfactory demonstrations, tests with scaled models as well as calculation or reasoned argument. In all cases characterization of material behavior is necessary. The need for material characterization can be split into three groups: characterization for material modeling in the design and verification process, determination of assessment criteria and inspections during manufacturing.

The paper deals primarily with material characterization for the material modeling in the design phase and authorities approval process. Main package components are discussed: cask body and lids, screws, trunnions, impact limiter and basket (structure holding the content in specified position). Depending on the material used for these components this paper shows exemplary a possible set of material investigations in order to allow modeling in design and assessment during the approval process.

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