Current Japanese fatigue evaluations in the PWR environment are conducted using JSME S NF1 in which some parameters (temperature, strain rate, dissolved oxygen, etc.) are evaluated as influencing factors. However, it is assumed that the JSME Code would be conservative in high-strain-rate regions because the environmental factor (Fen) is evaluated by extrapolating experimental test results from a low strain rate (up to 0.4%/sec). In this study, experimental data are obtained additionally and Fen for high-strain-rate regions are reevaluated. As a result, it is confirmed that Fen at a strain rate of 1.0%/sec is about one half of that in the JSME Code. Further, marshaled experimental data obtained from the EFT project, which are classified according to stainless grade and material charge, indicated that the strain rate at Fen = 1 can be lower than 3%/sec for all austenitic stainless steels and similar to the current test result.

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