Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and liquid droplet impingement erosion (LDI) are the main pipe wall thinning phenomena in piping system of power plants in Japan. Authors have promoted the development of prediction method to evaluate local thinning trend by FAC/LDI. To apply the method to pipe wall thinning management in power plants, it is required to be transformed into practical tools for easy usage. In Japan, discussion is being made to considerate the introduction of prediction tools into wall thinning management based on wall thickness measurement at present.

Authors have simplified their FAC/LDI models to predict wall thinning trend one-dimensionally along piping layout, and applied to actual thinning data of power plants. With PWR’s FAC data and BWR’s LDI data, maximum thinning rate for each pipe elements were roughly predictable with considerable accuracy. Especially for high thinning rate data, which is important in plant management, the model was able to evaluate within the factor of 2. By installing this model, prediction software “FALSET” was developed, equipped with practical functions for the management. With the further verification and improvement of each function, there are prospects for this software to be utilized as a management tool in power plants.

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