Creep deformation property of Grade T91 steels over a range of temperatures from 550 to 625°C was analyzed by means of the empirical creep equation reported in the previous study [1]. The creep equation consists of four time dependent terms and one constant and time to rupture is estimated as a time to total strain of 10%. Accuracy of the creep equation to represent creep curve and to predict time to rupture and minimum creep rate was indicated. Times to minimum creep rate, total strain of 1%, initiation of tertiary creep and rupture were evaluated by the creep equation. Stress dependence of strains at minimum creep rate and the initiation of tertiary creep were analyzed. Contribution of four time dependent terms to the strains at minimum creep rate, total strain of 1% and initiation of tertiary creep was investigated. Three parameters to determine a temperature and time-dependent stress intensity limit, St, were compared and a dominant factor of St was examined. Heat-to-heat variation of the creep deformation property was investigated on two heats of T91 steels contain low and high nickel concentrations.

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