Reference curves of fatigue crack growth rates for ferritic steels in air environment are provided by the ASME Code Section XI Appendix A. The fatigue crack growth rates under negative R ratio are given as da/dN vs. Kmax, It is generally well known that the growth rates decreases with decreasing R ratios. However, the da/dN as a function of Kmax are the same curves under R = 0, −1 and −2. In addition, the da/dN increases with decreasing R ratio for R < −2.

This paper converts from da/dN vs. Kmax to da/dN vs. ΔKI, using crack closure U. It can be obtained that the growth rates da/dN as a function of ΔKI decrease with decreasing R ratio for −2 ≤ R < 0. It can be seen that the growth rate da/dN vs. ΔKI is better equation than da/dN vs. Kmax from the view point of stress ratio R. Furthermore, extending crack closure U to R = −5, it can be explained that the da/dN decreases with decreasing R ratio in the range of −5 ≤ R < 0. This tendency is consistent with the experimental data.

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