To prevent the on-board storage tank from burst at vehicle fire scenario, pressure relief device (PRD) is required to be installed to the tank and timely activated to release internal high-pressure hydrogen. Actually, there are two types of PRDs (i.e. thermally-activated and pressure-activated PRDs), and four types of tanks such as all-metal, hoop/fully-wrapped with metal liner and fully-wrapped with plastic liner. Great importance should be attached to the using of PRDs for all types of tanks in consideration of the risk of tank burst caused by fire. However, there are great differences in the requirements for the using of PRDs in hydrogen storage tank standards such as GTR-HFCV, ISO/TS 15869, JARI S 001 and TSG R006. Compared with compressed natural gas tank standards, PRD requirements in hydrogen storage tank standards are discussed in this paper. Moreover, key influencing factors on the activation of thermally-activated and pressure-activated PRDs are analyzed in detail based on fire test data. Finally, some advices for the using of PRDs of hydrogen storage tanks are proposed.

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