Characteristic safety parameter refers to the parameter that reflects the inherent safety margin of pressure equipments subjected to certain failure mechanism. It has three main characteristics. Firstly, it is sensitive to the change in failure mechanism. Secondly, the safety of pressure equipments can be guaranteed by controlling this parameter. Thirdly, it is easy to measure. By real-time monitoring of this characteristic safety parameter, the quantitative assessment of the structural integrity and furhter the diagnosis and warning on the safety of in-service pressure equipments can be realized. In this paper, the definition of characteristic safety parameter is given first for the pressure equipments subjected to several typical failure modes. After that, the selection principle, measurement technique and determination of its critical value, etc., are then introduced by analyzing typical examples. In combination with the technical concepts of the Internet of Things and Big-Data, some research suggestions are proposed with respect to the remote monitoring and diagnosis techniques based on the characteristic safety parameter, including the sensing measurement, monitoring and analysis of big data, real-time diagnosis and early warning of safety condition, etc.

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