This paper provides designers a methodology for determining membrane and bending stresses in cylinders with loads applied through rectangular attachments having a length to width aspect ratio greater the four (4). This paper extends the original work done by Bijlaard [1] and Dodge [2] as well as the work published in Welding Research Council WRC Bulletins. Bulletins 107 [3] and 537 [4] are limited to aspect ratios of four (4) and Bulletin 198 [2] is limited to aspect ratio of ten (10). This method provided also adds more precision to the Kellogg [5] method which was based on the work of Roark [6]. The data, curves and formulas presented in this paper are the result of a parametric finite element study across the geometry range. Attachments were analyzed with a slender attachment orientation parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder. Geometric parameters were varied over a range of cylinder diameter & thickness and attachment length & width. This study is limited to small displacement theory. This paper also provides a methodology for analysis of the attachment from the loadings.

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