A continuum damage mechanics (CDM) coupled unified viscoplasticity model has been developed to predict the creep-fatigue life of modified Grade 91 steel. A tertiary creep model termed MPC-Omega codified in Part 10 of API (and also implemented in the ASME BP&V Code for Grade 22V and more recently Grade 91 Steel) is also employed for creep damage evaluation. As MPC-Omega has a direct relationship with Larson-Miller parameter (LMP) coefficients, creep damage coefficients in the unified constitutive model (UCM) are tied with MPC-Omega coefficients in order to utilize WRC and API 579-1 Grade 91 creep rupture database. The model is validated against long-term creep, LCF, creep-fatigue and TMF experimental responses at T = 20–600°C.

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