High pressure hydrogen storage tank is a key component in hydrogen supply systems of the fuel cell vehicles. Composite hydrogen storage tanks own some advantages such as high stiffness, density and strength, and the composite tanks for storage of 70 MPa hydrogen is the hotspot of research. However, composite hydrogen storage tanks have the potential leakage and explosion hazards in the process of using due to the flammable and explosive storage medium. hydrogen cycle test is an important means to detect the macroscopic strength, safety margin, structure design rationality and reliability of composite hydrogen storage tanks. The relevant standard of 70MPa composite hydrogen storage tanks is not yet introduced in China. At present, the european union, Japan and the international standardization organization have formulated the composite hydrogen storage tanks standard or code, which have an important reference for the formulation of the relevant standards in china. In this study, foreign standards related hydrogen cycling test content such as (EU) 406-2010, ANSI HGV 2-2014, ISO CD 19881-2015, SAE J2579-2013 and ECE/TRANS/180-2013 are systematically studied, which could be helpful for the establishment of relevant standards in China and the development of hydrogen cycle test equipment.

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