The Standard Technical Documentation of the Association of Mechanical Engineers is elaborated by a team of experts on the base of an actual knowledge and practice as a part of a row of recommendations for an assessment of strength and reliability, choice of materials and solution of service problems of the Czech nuclear power plants. It was elaborated by the Association of Mechanical Engineers as an important help for a practice. This issue is published from the following main reasons:

1. The criteria for an assessment of reliability and safety of technical tasks have changed in a last decades by influence of development of fracture mechanics and a diagnostics of an actual components of the nuclear power plants, exposed to a static and dynamic strength in a service and to effects of an aggressive environment, leading to an origin of integrity failure. The access is changed now from an assessment of an original strength to a long-term operation and service reliability. A conception of a choice of suitable materials has changed, especially about an influence of production technology on barriers against a degradation of material mechanical characteristics. Imaginations also changed about increasing of a resistance against a damage of material components in complex service conditions. New scientific knowledge it is necessary to apply responsibly just in a construction of as important equipment as nuclear power plants are.

2. A social responsibility is increasing for economic and ecological behavior and hence manners of service control are always innovated. A problematic of a residual lifetime of those tasks is connected with. A prolongation of a lifetime without a risk of equipment failure hereto is a principal demand of capital-intensive units.

3. In a last decades a possibility of efficient use either an automatic service diagnostics or an inspection of component state in service brakes has deepened. It is necessary to enable a right engagement of this instrumentation and to interpret in a right way obtained information.

4. An international cooperation in this important region is developed, an elaboration of information and their common deepening has a substantial importance for a future of a nuclear energetic. A dissembling of service obstacles, an objective analysis of failure situations and a method of their control is today’s obvious duty of an international cooperation. Programs of all variants of a possible damage and its control must be prepared.

It is impossible at once to apply all those aspects in provisions and recommendations. Issued provisions however must be constantly improved and complemented.

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