Vessel dished heads are widely being used in storage tanks or pressure vessels. These heads are available in different shapes including hemispherical, ellipsoidal and torispherical heads. In this paper, pressure limit load of torispherical head with thermal hotspot damage is investigated. Thermal hotspots are one of the common types of in-service degradation in some pressurized components and can be considered as damage. This type of damage is usually caused by the loss of refractory lining on the inside wall of pressure components or due to a misdistribution of the flow within vessels containing catalysts. Hotspot damage potentially jeopardizes the integrity of the components [1]. In the current research, the impact of a thermal hotspot on the load carrying capacity of various shapes of torispherical heads is investigated using numerical simulation. Also, sensitivity analysis has been performed to investigate the effect of location of thermal hot spots and thickness in the torispherical heads, with and without thermal hot spot damage.

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