Composite Reinforced Accumulator (CRA) is widely used in hydrogen stations. A high-cost pressure cycle test is mandatory to ensure the safety of accumulator in present regulations. To reduce the high cost, the aim is to develop a methodology of numerical fatigue life prediction of CRA with results of pressure cycle tests.

An axisymmetric finite element model for the Type III accumulator is created and actual loading process including autofrettage pressure is simulated. Stress amplitude caused by pressure cycle is evaluated based on the instructions in KD-3 of ASME BPVC VIII 3-2015. By comparing stress amplitude distributions with the leak positions after the pressure cycle test, and plotting the results in the design fatigue curve, it could be shown that fatigue life prediction of Type III accumulator can be done by precise finite element analysis of the liner including dome part, where the principal axes of stress change in pressure cycle.

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