This paper presents results of research on practical engineering solutions to suppress pressure pulsation and mechanical vibrations in piping systems. It concerns both new build and retrofitted plants. Analyses were performed according to ASME B31, EN-13480 and API 618 codes. Solutions were considered for natural gas reciprocating compressor stations (gaseous media) and liquid hydrocarbons plant with various pumps.

Pressure pulsation in a piping system is a source of dynamic forces. Unbalanced pressure layout in the piping system results in the presence of dynamic forces that may excite mechanical vibrations [1,7, 22, 23, 24].

In industrial applications, mechanical vibrations are present mostly in resonant conditions. Since hundreds of eigenvalues can characterise the piping system, it is crucial to identify the key ones, which are likely to be excited to vibrate. Therefore, it is necessary to allow adequate modelling and subsequent analysis of the fluid-structure interaction with available engineering tools.

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