The explosive forming is a characteristic forming method. This technique is a metal forming using an underwater shock wave. The underwater shock wave is generated by underwater explosion of the explosive. The metal plate is formed with involving the high strain rate on this technique. In generally, the pressure vessel is used in this method due to the effective utilization of the explosion energy. The underwater shock wave is propagated in water and reflected on inside wall of the pressure vessel. This reflected shock wave is affected on the deformation shape of a metal plate. Therefore, the inside shape of pressure vessel is often changed. In other words, the shape of pressure vessel is changed, the shock pressure distribution on the metal plate and it is possible that final deformation shape of the metal plate is changed. Some numerical simulations and experiments have been carried out to clear the influence of the inside shape of pressure vessel in the explosive forming. This paper is included the results and discussions on the numerical simulation and experiment used those conditions.

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