A purpose of this study is an improvement of seismic proof construction for power plants to supply power stably at an emergency. At present, the most common type of power generation in Japan is thermal. In particular, coal-fire becomes base load power. A proposal of this study is that boiler structure is applied vibration control. The way is that a damper used viscous fluid is set instead of stopper between the boiler and the support structure. However, inside temperature of the boiler structure is higher than the environment of the general because it uses burning of coal and steam. Therefore, this paper shows that the damper has applicability for the environment of the boiler structure.

Then it is necessary for structures to endure earthquake with long duration and long period component in Japan. The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake had the largest energy in history of Japan with them. The damage occurred not only in Tohoku but also in far Tokyo and Osaka. Moreover, it is predicted that large earthquakes with them at the south Pacific coast of Japan occur. This paper shows that the developed damper is effective in earthquake with these characteristics by analyses and component tests.

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