The time dependent failure assessment diagram (TDFAD) is a convenient methodology to simultaneously assess whether a component is likely to fail by brittle, ductile or creep fracture, plastic collapse or creep rupture. In this work, creep toughness data, Kmatc, have been derived from experimental creep crack growth (CCG) tests on compact tension fracture mechanics specimens made of a weldment consisting of 0.5CMV parent material, 2.25CrMo, where the starter crack was located in the heat affected zone (HAZ). Time dependent failure assessment diagrams (TDFADs) are then constructed for each material condition and creep crack initiation (CCI) time predictions were obtained for the CCG tests performed on the weldment samples using both a TDFAD based on either parent and weld material data. The TDFAD based on the weld data provided the most conservative prediction of CCI times thus is recommended for use for weldment samples.

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