SWGs (Spiral Wound Gaskets) are well known as a most used gasket type in bolted pipe flange connections all over the world. Recently, the connections with SWGs have been used under more severe conditions such as higher temperature and pressure, and in addition, the connections have been used in the more long-term application. Thus, it is necessary for plant owners (gasket users) to know the long-term characteristics of the connections with SWGs from a standpoint of integrity in the connections. In this study, the objective is to establish a long-term estimation method of sealing performance for bolted pipe flange connections with SWGs under elevated temperature. The long-term characteristics of pipe flange connections with SWGs are estimated using FEM calculations in which the fundamental mechanical characteristics of SWGs such as compression property under changed temperature is considered, thermal expansion behavior, creep relaxation and sealing performance are taken into considerations. For verification of FEM calculations, the experiments are carried out for the pipe flange connections with SWGs of which the nominal size is ASME class 300 2inch under elevated temperature and internal pressure. The gasket used is chosen as SWG with flexible graphite filler. The change in axial bolt forces and an amount of leakage are measured and the measured results are fairly coincided with the FEM calculation results. In addition, the contact gasket stress in the connection with SWG is shown in 72 months. The FEM calculations are performed as heat conduction problem in transient state.

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