In this study, the finite element (FE) damage analysis based on the multi-axial fracture strain model was applied to investigate the effect of the material ductility on fracture resistance of notched defect. (The fracture toughness is used only for a cracked specimen and the fracture resistance is used for notched specimens throughout the paper.) To obtain the material property with different ductility, the tensile and fracture toughness tests of the cold-worked SUS316 were used. The damage model was determined from comparing the experimental data with simulated FE analysis results. Then the FE analysis was applied to calculate the fracture resistance according to the notch radius in each material. It shows that the slope of initiation resistance according to the notch radius was related to the material ductility. To quantify this effect of ductility, the relationship between notch fracture resistance and material tensile properties was confirmed.

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