Explosion accidents of pressure equipment could cause serious harm. The most of accident reports were described in words, which were difficult to explain the cause of accident briefly, intuitively and clearly. Three kinds of typical pressure equipment including boiler, pressure vessel and pressure pipeline were studied. The explosion accidents in China in recent years were analyzed statistically. The causes of many actual accidents were sorted out, classified and studied. The causes of explosion accidents in different pressure equipment were analyzed in detail from the aspects of pressure, temperature and safety valve for equipment. The database considering explosion accident cases of pressure equipment was established by Access to digitize accident reports. This Database can carry out some functions such as managing information, indexing explosion cases, querying accident data and analyzing causes of accidents. Corresponding disposal strategies, emergency plans and related technical guidance can be provided as well. The comprehensive study shows that the most explosion accidents of pressure equipment were caused by the abnormal working state of the equipment. In order to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents, researchers should pay more attention to the real-time monitoring of equipment operation status in future work.

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