In this work, squeeze stir casting was used to produce recycled Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (MMC’s) plates. Scrap Aluminum Alloy Wheel (SAAW) was used as a matrix and alumina as reinforcement. The produced recycled MMC plate was subjected to abrasive and sliding wear using a Two-body abrasion tester and Pin-on-Disc tester with a load of 20 N. To improve the wear resistance of the recycled MMC, graphite (1% to 4%) and SiC (3% and 6%) were added to alumina, and the results were compared. The results showed that the addition of graphite and SiC to alumina decreased the wear rate and frictional forces compared to using alumina alone as reinforcements. Also, wear rates and frictional forces further reduced by increasing the percentage of graphite to 4%, whereas increasing the SiC content increased the wear. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis and microstructure analysis was conducted on these samples. These results confirmed that graphite and alumina exhibited better bonding to the SAAW matrix than SiC. Since this recycled Aluminum MMC achieves a cleaner production process, it has great industrial potential, including applications in the piping industry, and its tribological properties can be boosted using graphite (4% by wt.) with alumina (5% by wt.) as reinforcements.

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