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International Hydrogen Conference (IHC 2016): Materials Performance in Hydrogen Environments

B. P. Somerday
B. P. Somerday
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P. Sofronis
P. Sofronis
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Petrochemical pressure vessels operating in high pressure H2 at high temperature suffer from hydrogen embrittlement (HE) during repressurization after shutdown cooling to ambient temperature. HE may be mitigated by introduction of hydrogen (H) traps in the steel microstructure to suppress accumulation of H necessary for embrittlement at fracture initiation sites. Experimentally, nanoscale vanadium carbides (VC) significantly improve the HE resistance of bainitic steel specific to closed system H introduced by elevated temperature exposure to H2. To understand the effect of VC precipitates on HE of 2¼Cr-1Mo-¼V steel, we analyze re-partitioning of H among various trap states, first...

Hydrogen Transport in an Elastoplastically Deforming Material under Varying Temperature
Hydrogen Re-Distribution Upon Cooling to Room Temperature and Subsequent Loading
Role of VC Precipitates in Hydrogen Re-Distribution Upon Cooling
Effect of Loading on Re-Partitioning of Hydrogen Among Crack Tip Trap States and Lattice Sites
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