Belated Happy New Year and my best wishes for good health and happiness in 2008. We begin the year with many new and exciting things happening at JPVT.

ASME is changing to an e-First publishing model beginning with the 2008 issues of JPVT and all of its other transaction journals. e-First publishing is based on first in, first out (FIFO). The objective is to streamline the publishing process and shorten the time to publication. The goal is to publish a paper as quickly as possible once the peer review has been completed. The peer review process, the submission of final manuscript files, and review of the publisher’s proof by the author will remain the same. A soon as any corrections to the publisher’s proof are received, made, and signed off on by ASME, the paper will be published online in the next available issue of the JPVT. An issue will close when its page budget or scheduled closing date is reached. When an issue closes, a new issue is immediately opened so that the publication process is continuous. After an issue closes, the print version will be created and distributed as usual. Papers will first be published online and then in print; so traditional pagination will be replaced with six-digit citation identifiers (CIDs). The first two digits of the CID indicate the issue number. The middle two digits indicate the article type and∕or subject area. The last two digits are assigned according to publication order within that issue and section. Authors can now cite the online version of their paper using the CID code.

JPVT’s page allocation has increased from 530 pages to 800 pages effective Jul. 1, 2008. Beginning in 2009, the JPVT publication frequency will increase from four to six issues per year. The print version of the Journal will be published in January, March, May, July, September, and November. These changes, in conjunction with e-First publishing, will make a significant difference in helping us meet our goal of timely publication of all papers.

Thanks to outgoing JPVT Associate Editors Boris Blyukher, F. W. (Bud) Brust, Vernon Matzen, and Mordechai Perl. The valuable contribution they have made to the Journal is much appreciated. Boris Blyukher and Mordechai Perl have served two 3year terms as an Associate Editor. As both F. W. (Bud) Brust and Vernon Matzen have served only one term as Associate Editor, they have been reappointed to serve another 3year term.

We welcome three new Associate Editors to JPVT. L. Ike Ezekoye, in the Operation, Applications and Components Area; Michael Fischer, in the Fluid Structure Interaction Area; and Samir Ziada, in the Fluid Structure Interaction Area. Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to JPVT.

Please remember; you having a standing invitation to submit your papers to JPVT to be considered for publication. I urge you to subscribe to JPVT if you do not already have a subscription and to invite your colleagues to subscribe also. A subscription form can be found on the back cover of this issue. Thank you for your support of the Journal.